In California, several key issues have driven statewide conservation mandates, and the unreasonable restrictions placed on water providers have prompted an immediate need to pinpoint and address critical water issues that are affecting the State’s wellness and safety, as well as the ability to deliver quality, reliable water supplies that contribute to the health and heft of our economy. Collaboration between science, natural resource agencies farmers, businesses, and policymakers is vital to California’s future.

Water industry professionals today have another challenge as stories across every possible news platform from newspaper to news radio, television, blog posts, and social media, are a mixed bag of water supplies issues and water quality challenges, as well as new regulations about how much water you can use and for what purposes. It seems that water is making headlines almost nightly both through trusted media sources, and across thousands of personal social media “news feeds.”

Join more than 400 business professionals, elected officials, academics, and water leaders on May 29, 2020, as the 13th annual OC Water Summit covers the region’s top water stories and more.

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